You’re here! And it’s a good thing because this website was designed just for you. We know that there are times in life when you need someone to stand by your side, pray with you, and encourage you to trust God for healing, breakthrough, or maybe even your eternal security. That’s why we’ve created a place for you to be refreshed and inspired to spread the love of God to others in an impactful way, igniting the Spirit of revival in the hearts and lives of those around you.

Throughout this site, you’ll find Biblical insight, relevant programs, and the sights and sounds of Old Time Revival recorded and performed by Marcus Lamb & friends. Our prayer is that these resources meet you at the point of your greatest need and kindle a fire in your life that you can spark in others. Keep in mind that you can only give away what you already have, so let’s start with you!

Begin reading, listening, watching, and applying the promises of God you find here. Spend some time exploring these pages and let the truth of God’s Word wash over you. Hope, courage, strength, love – it’s all waiting for you here. God’s intention was never that you would sit on the sidelines of life watching while others race forward. You were meant for more, but moving ahead may require leaving some things behind.

You should know that it’s safe to leave your burdens with Him. In fact, that’s exactly what He wants! He won’t try to give them back, but He will ask you to help others drop their baggage off as well. Our lives are intertwined, connected by our Creator to help make one another whole. But, wholeness must first begin in you before it can spread to others. Why not start now?

Let this be the day things change for you, so that you can inspire change in others. Welcome to your new start, your greatest victory, your biggest blessing! Let His Kingdom come into every area of your life to transform you, your family, community, city, and the world. We’re standing with you, believing with you, and trusting that together #WeAreRevival.